A Letter to my Sister.


Our parents and relatives have told each one of us that this is the last thing (exam, course or interview), we have to face. That is such a big lie that I assume even you now have a good laugh about it. Truth is even our parents don’t know most of the things, like us. However, we know one thing that is so rare. We are super fortunate to get such parents.

Now finally the moment has come when you will be sitting for your placements. Getting great placements are hard. Just getting placed is a joke. Now mostly you will be on your own (though I am sure Ma will keep calling you).

Except for the name of the relationship that we were given, we never connected. There was no reason till we found one during the last Imagine Cup. Participating in one competition and having the same goal for some duration of time helped us to connect, look into something with the same eye and most importantly feel the same way.

Even you always had good grades in school; I never thought that you would do something great. Honestly, I never thought about you till we were in the same team in Imagine Cup.

Now I know you can do good, in one field or another. The good thing is that you are great and you have all the powers. The bad thing is that now you have to choose and decide. That’s hard. And sometimes some wrong decision can kill the goodness inside you.

There is no formula. Even if there were, I would not have told you. I can hint you, though.

Do something that you are excited about. Something that you can do out every day without getting boring. Don’t worry about making money. We don’t need money. At least our family. Don’t work for making a name. That has a very short span.

Do something exciting. Sometimes choosing random and risky things can lead you to that exciting thing. Sometimes taking a small step and then working hard towards it can guide you there. Sometimes competitive feeling inside a person can lead him/her there.

Never a boring thing can lead you there.

All the best for your journey.



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