Dear TV, Thank you.

Last time I was at home, I wanted to ensure that my ma or papa are comfortable enough in our absence. Most importantly Ma. Ma has been busy all these days raising all of us, sending us to schools, doing our homework, washing our clothes and preparing our food.

All of a sudden, 3 years ago; everything changed inside our home. It was natural. It was something that we all knew will happen. Still, no one was prepared for it. We all moved out. We were happy. We found new friends, new work to do and new ideas to bounce off.

But on the other hand, Ma lost her routine. She had no kids to take care of. Imagine your celebrating your birthday by cutting a cake and blowing candles all alone. Scary. Creepy. That is the life of our mothers daily after we leave homes.

Some of them pick up some jobs. Some of them involve themselves in cooking, gardening, teaching etc. Some follow their interests like reading, travelling.

My mother could not. She used to teach when she was young, but maybe she didn’t pick up that again because she already had taught us a lot. She liked cooking, but every time she wanted to cook something new, she remembered us.

That’s why TV was important. Having experienced the slightest form of depression, I realised much later that TV is an important part of our lives. It’s flawed. It’s boring. But that’s not the point. People don’t watch TV for quality content. No one can expect quality content and good stories for 24 hours each day. That’s unrealistic. We are using the TV as a companion which speaks at our will, which makes us feel that we are not alone and sometimes makes us worried about the society and in the process calls our kids/parents.

We need a better TV. We don’t need to replace it. The TV is an anti-depression dose for thousands of our mothers.


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