A few weeks ago, I shared that now I have been in the software industry for more than ten years. In these ten years, I have created three companies and dozens of products - some of them successful and some of them not so much.

After working at a safe job in UNESCO MGIEP for a year, I resigned a month ago to do a new thing.

What I am doing right now is a culmination of what I have learnt and what I have done over the past decade.

This new product uses all the code I have written over the past decade, but also includes all the learnings of design and business I have acquired over three companies.

(A sneak peek at what’s coming up!👇)1 Logo.png

This is as much scary as much as it is exciting. How do you do something that’s a cocktail of what you have learnt over ten years and still not fuck it up by making it overwhelming?

Every night, I have a feeling that it will work and every day, I have a feeling that I have no plans in place if this doesn’t. I am scared that if this doesn’t work, maybe my learnings or design or code were not good enough (read it as - maybe I was not good enough), and I have to start again, by at least ten years. Also at the end of the day, I feel that there is no chance that it will not work because it’s the best of me, and I am yet to encounter a single thing in life that has not worked if I am willing to sit and spend time on it.

There is one other thing.

When I lost Manjiri last year, and eventually lost or left everything to start anew, I decided to regain back everything that I have lost - gadgets, money, product, company, family and home - in the same order I lost it. This is also adding so much pressure on me. I feel I don’t have the energy to start afresh if I fail again, in 1 year.

So many questions and no answers till it’s actually done.
I guess that’s life. You don’t know it till you take the bet - your best foot forward.

Please watch this space to know what’s cooking.


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