Goalkeepers 2019.

After using my video on HIV-AIDS last year, Gates Foundation and Bill Gates used my data analysis in his slides this year at Goalkeepers 2019. Watch it around 8:15 when Bill starts talking about a new study in India.

Here is the whole story: Gates foundation works with an organization called IHME - Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation to collect and analyze data worldwide. Last year around, the organization felt that they were miscalculating specific data because they were not recognizing some contextual Indian data and languages. A team was set up of five young people to correct this data, as this kind of analysis on district level has never done before. I was part of it, considered solely on work previously at Microsoft as Regional Director in India and Gates foundation.

Here are some of the findings (some of them surprised me also):

  1. The world is improving on all parameters of Education and Health.
  2. Around 35% of Indian districts are growing on all parameters of Education and Health.
  3. Approximately 2% of districts have already achieved SDGs. Vellore (as Bill mentions in this talk) has already achieved the SDGs 10 years before the deadline :)
  4. International organizations like IHME don’t consider contextual information in their data analysis. That’s why in some of their reports, India seems to be lacking than other developing countries like Nigeria and Kenya.

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