Nothing you do will be enough.


76 hours 40 mins is the amount of time I spent last week just coding. The time is being tracked by software called WakaTime. On the leaderboard right now, I am placed at third. Apart from coding, I have spent several more hours thinking and designing. I don’t remember sleeping for more than 2 hours any day last week. I am super happy about what I have done, but my body feels extremely stressed out. On Friday night, I slept like a baby, no clue about where I am and what happened.

There are two aspects to this story:

  1. Your satisfaction - If you feel good about it, if you want to identify your limits, and then push further, please do such an activity, as it makes you a better person. If you can focus for more extended hours, work on such a timeline for yourself, and can be disciplined about it, that’s a beautiful thing. For a couple of days in the week, I was noting down the time when I need to complete the feature and then allocating just 15 mins to myself to go out and have a walk. Every 5 minutes become vital in such an exercise. If the music is not playing well or if you engage in a conversation needlessly for more than the time allocated, that will fuck with your work. Everything has to be pitch-perfect and planned. That’s why I plan it properly. I break down my tasks to the atomic level, create a handpicked playlist, keep a new thing around me to make life exciting and make my phone silent before going this route. It hampers your relationships with almost everyone, but that’s a different discussion altogether. 

  2. Others response - If however, you are doing this because someone else has told you to, or you are bound by someone else’s deadline or looking for appreciation or validation from someone else, you will deeply regret it. You will not enjoy it.

There is an unsaid rule of this world - Nothing you do will be enough for others. That’s how this society works. That’s their trick to prevent you in going in a mode where you become complacent because of self-satisfaction. It’s a hack employed by so many people in this society to make you keep pushing further and helping them in their cause/work. If you are doing this exercise (or any job) to please someone, I can tell you right now that you will fail and fail badly.

I had a great time doing this sprint, and this time I am choosing not to fall for this trap. I did it for myself, and I feel perfect about it. I don’t agree that nothing I do will be enough. I need to keep telling myself that sometimes what I do is more than enough - both for myself and others.


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