We will fight.



A lot has changed in the last four years. A lot will change in the next few years. One day it will all end. Someday, one of us will say goodbye (or nothing) and move ahead or step behind. I am not fearful about that. Why fear something that’s bound to happen.

We have worked hard - on things we loved, on things we had no clue about and sometimes on things that came our way. But most importantly we have invested on people. No, I am not talking about money or time. I am talking about the energy we have given to understand them and make them comfortable, at states and situations that were unreliable. There is a possibility that all of this will go in waste. All of this time, money and energy will be useless in a few years (I don’t believe in “Failing is also learning” policy). All of this might fail. I am not fearful about that either. I am not good at number crunching, but the percentage of people succeeding is far less than a number of people failing. We are no aliens.

In these four years, we have lost track a dozen times. We have made a lot of mistakes. Saying no, to the first person we hired was one of the biggest ones. We continue to make certain mistakes again and again; even today. I don’t fear this either. Both of us are in this field, straight from college. We don’t know the norms. We don’t know what a routine is. We are not disciplined either. With such a past, we are bound to make mistakes over and over again.

These fights have started irritating me. I am sure it’s not helping you to concentrate either. The pressure is mounting each day exponentially. Pressure to prove ourselves, the pressure to do something good, the pressure to make money, pressure to keep this continued and pressure to feel pressure. I was never afraid of this either. When we chose to do what we are doing right now, we knew that it’s going to be a ride uphill.

One thing has not changed in the last four years. I have become fearless about anything. I am sure you are towards the same path. We have put everything on hold (if not at stake), and still, we are not fearful about anything! That’s an excellent state to be in. If we take the fear out of our minds, we can achieve and feel anything that we wish to. If in the process, something happens, it happens. Let’s move towards this direction.

We will fight, we will feel irritated, we will find ourselves in a pretty low situation and sometimes under a position which is depressing where we lose trust in ourselves or others. That’s all okay, till we don’t succumb to fear.

Thank you for being together and still allowing me to pursue my individuality. Cheers to few more years of togetherness and to the work that is left on the desk! We are going to do it - do it together.

– Devesh


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