What makes me hopeful.

This is a fucked up world. Really it is. Women are getting raped. There are a couple of planes going missing. Brothers are planning and plotting to kill each other, and there are millions of people doing absolutely nothing daily.

Still, don’t believe me? Pick a newspaper. Any day. Random one. Read it thoroughly and then tell me one story that inspires you?
But all said, I feel there are some good things around us. We have to look closely.

Here are a few things that make me hopeful:

  1. Down the street, there are two ladies. One runs a shop where she sells Maggi, Coffee and Cigarettes. Other one does not have a shop. She sells eggs. Both are widows. But that’s not the point. This is a college area. Regarding food, there are a lot of options and a hell lot of competition. In the past two years, I have seen people opening their new shops and joints and randomly closing it and shifting to a better area. None of them has shifted though. Both of them have worked hard in the same place, with absolute consistency to make their small-medium businesses work. Their speciality is not their food, but their discipline.

  2. One of my friend and colleague had a pretty rough life back in 2009 at JNU. She was addicted to drugs, had a tough relationship with her family and was almost sleeping with anyone, randomly. In the next four years, she collaborated with us at ViDei, did an MBA from IIM Bangalore, and married a person (again a colleague of ours) with blessings from her family. But that’s not the point. Even after marriage, she has not given up on her dreams. She is working at P&G and living in a different city than her husband. She is going to be a mother very soon, and I know she will be a proud one. A mother who does not stop chasing her dreams for the sake of a child, yet caring. (Update: She did the same. A month ago, she left the job and started working with several social groups to bring about a change. She is also a mother now. She named her after one of our colleagues we lost – Snigdha)

  3. In 2009, I met Radhika (name changed) at NACO. She was raped at the age of 12 by a policeman. None of us knew what happened to that bastard. But Radhika at the age of 14 had HIV. For the next four years, Radhika not only survived but also learnt several things like cooking, stitching, dramatics and many more. She died in 2013, but I still possess a black sweater she knitted for me.

These are the people who inspire me. These are the people who make me hopeful about life. These are the people who make this place bloody beautiful.

Look closely, there are people around you who are rotating their lives around their heads, daily. They are either very patient, disciplined and dedicated or very energetic and aggressive. None of them is mediocre!

I wish I can be one of them. I want to keep meeting some of them.

What makes you hopeful?


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